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At Don's Downtown Ink (DTI), we offer professional tattooing and precise body piercing that is a step above the rest. Since opening our doors 7 years ago, we have quickly become the area’s favorite tattoo shop. We have artists who are trained and experienced in the art and who will always put your safety above everything else. All our equipment and jewelry are safe and clean, using health department certified autoclave sterilization.


Our artists are experts in freehand, cover-ups, as well at restorations. Whether you have a design in mind, or you’re not quite sure, stop by our shop. We have the largest selection of designs in the state.


DTI also has a huge selection of body jewelry. All sizes and gauges are readily available at our shop.


• All artist have bloodborne pathogen training.

• Single use disposable needles and tubes.

• Friendly environment.


Gift Certificates are also available.


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Name: Don Lemzis


Position:  Owner / Tattoo Artist





Name: Miguel "Mikey" Pineda


Position:  Piercer



Name: Cassandra Whyte


Position:  Tattoo Artist



Tattoo Care




Leave the tattoo bandaged for a minimum of 3 hours and no longer than 12 hours.


Remove bandage under warm running water. If bandage is stuck to the tattoo, gently remove it while under running water, therefore reducing the risk of damaging the tattoo.


Once bandage is removed, using an unscented soap, wash the tattoo off well with your hand and warm soapy water.

When done washing the tattoo off, gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel and allow the tattoo to air dry for about 5-10 minutes.


Apply Curel (Ultra healing/Fragrance free) or other unscented dry skin lotion to the tattoo 4-6 times a day.


The lotion can be applied to the tattoo about 3-4 times daily for about 10-14 days or until the tattoo is completely done peeling.


Somewhere between 3 and 6 days, the tattoo will start to flake off like tissue paper. Do not pick at or scratch. Let the skin peel naturally.


You will notice small pieces of dry skin containing color coming off while using the lotion or washing the tattoo. This is normal - it is just the top layer of dead skin coming off. Your tattoo is not disappearing.


Do Not:


Re-bandage the tattoo once the bandage is completely removed.

Allow direct sunlight on tattoo for first 2-3 weeks.


Pick or scratch tattoo while it is peeling.


Soak the tattoo for 2 weeks.


Swim, take a bath, or enter a hot tub or sauna for 2 weeks or until the tattoo is completely peeled.


Shave or wax the area until tattoo is completely healed.


Apply alcohol, Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or sun block to fresh tattoo.


Put too much faith in commonsense advice: If you have questions, call or visit the artist that did your tattoo!

Piercing Care


Wash hands before cleaning or handling your fresh piercing


Clean piercing 3-6 times a day with a sterile saline solution ( i.e. sea salt water , products like wound wash, H2Ocean, etc..)


DO NOT use any ear care solution given out by so called piercing places in the mall


Do not remove or change your jewelry prior to the time given to you by the piercer ( if you forget please call and ask) you could run the risk of infection if this is done too soon


Do not use substandard jewelry for the piercing


Use only and implant grade 316LVM surgical implant grade steel or a grade 23 implant titanium jewelry ( other materials may be used , but you should consult your piercer )


Please consult your piercer if you have any questions problems or concerns with your piercing



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